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            Caparo services customers globally from more than forty sites across the world.

            Home / About Us / North America - Caparo Bull Moose Inc
            • Based in Chesterfield Missouri, the company operates from seven plants - six in the USA (Chicago, Elkhart, Gerald, Masury, Trenton and Casa Grande) and one in Canada (Burlington). Today the company offers one of the largest ranges of welded steel tubing in North America. Typical applications for Bull Moose Tube include construction, transportation, fire protection, agriculture, lawn and garden equipment plus many other engineering and household products.

            • XL Specialised Trailers
              Acquired by Caparo in 2016, XL Specialised Trailers has grown from its founding in 1995 to become the second-largest player in the customized heavy-haul trailer market. Its products serve the construction, commercial, agriculture, wind energy, oil and gas and custom transportation markets where XL offers superior hauling solutions to fit any application.

            • Bull Moose Engineering
              In addition to providing tightly toleranced steel tubing, Bull Moose Engineering provides fabrication, finishing and assembly services, involved in product development, material selection and sourcing, production assessment and planning. Bull Moose Engineering helps customers move their tubular products from concept through to finished product.

            • Caparo Property North America
              Caparo partners with leading local developers in major inner-city regeneration schemes in St Louis Missouri. Current projects include the Angad Arts Hotel and City Foundry developments in the Midtown area of St Louis.

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